Saturday, December 9, 2006

Michelle Malkin Needs a Night On Ecstasy

Seriously...when was the last time this radical right wing nut case got laid? Any one as half baked and angry as Michelle Malkin, has her panties tied up in a knot, that or was born frigid. As much fun as we could have poking fun at her racist, radical rants, you'll find none here as we'll not abide by her terms of THROWING HER A LINK for sharing her work, though might be fun to toss her an anchor if she were standing at the edge of a long peer. For now, shall have to imagine how much nicer she might be after a night of serious sex and ecstasy.

With Republicans out of power, will be interesting to see if her brand of shrill screaming lunacy wanes in popularity as more reasonable minds find their way onto the airwaves, and shows like Hannity And Colmes lose their market share...who knows, maybe she and Ann (Potty Mouth) Coulter can open a Rag Time Blues Club together. If either her or Ann Coulter would get married, we would have to call the wedding "Taming of The Shrew".

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