Thursday, December 14, 2006

Clooney Seeks Aid For Darfur

First, even men know that CLOONEY IS HOT...however, he also has heart, and a brain, which is why his latest efforts are being featured here. He was in Cairo, Egypt trying to secure some help for at least those who have been displaced in Darfur. Maybe America could do more there if our president did not have us wrongfully bogged down in Iraq. Clooney should seriously consider a run for the Senate...problem is, he'd have to take a SERIOUS cut in pay.

George Clooney Seeks Sudan Aid in Egypt

By MAGGIE MICHAEL, The Associated Press
Dec 13, 2006 4:02 PM (8 hrs ago)

CAIRO, Egypt - George Clooney lobbied Wednesday for Egypt's help in getting protection for victims of Darfur's increasing violence.

The Oscar-winning actor met with Gamal and Suzanne Mubarak - the powerful son and wife of Egypt's president - and with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit in his campaign to bring relief to the war-torn region of western Sudan.

Clooney said he was focusing on trying to find some way to at least ensure protection for those who have been displaced in the fighting.

"We are still talking about all the problems in Darfur right now," Clooney said. "We are hoping to just constantly keep the conversation going on humanitarian issues, that's our big goal, trying to stay out of the political arena and just trying to find humanitarian issues."

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Michelle Malkin Needs a Night On Ecstasy

Seriously...when was the last time this radical right wing nut case got laid? Any one as half baked and angry as Michelle Malkin, has her panties tied up in a knot, that or was born frigid. As much fun as we could have poking fun at her racist, radical rants, you'll find none here as we'll not abide by her terms of THROWING HER A LINK for sharing her work, though might be fun to toss her an anchor if she were standing at the edge of a long peer. For now, shall have to imagine how much nicer she might be after a night of serious sex and ecstasy.

With Republicans out of power, will be interesting to see if her brand of shrill screaming lunacy wanes in popularity as more reasonable minds find their way onto the airwaves, and shows like Hannity And Colmes lose their market share...who knows, maybe she and Ann (Potty Mouth) Coulter can open a Rag Time Blues Club together. If either her or Ann Coulter would get married, we would have to call the wedding "Taming of The Shrew".

First Lady, "Oh MY GAWD! They Are WEARING MY DRESS"

Talk about NEWS! Laura Bush was seeing red last weekend when she found not one, but THREE of her guests in the same identical $8,500 Oscar de la Renta about pricey designer knock offs. Being always the considerate one, Laura dashed up the White House stairs and made a quick change, leaving the three other women to fume over the audacity of the other two.

I'm sure the designer has some kind of lame excuse for this occurrence, but for $8,500 a woman should have some peace of mind that this kind of social faux pas does not occur!

Laura Bush Among Four Ladies In Red
First Lady, Three Others Wear Same Dress For Kennedy Center Honors

(CBS) Every woman who's ever attended a formal party has had the same concern: What if someone else shows up in the same dress?

As CBS News correspondent Thalia Assuras reports, that's exactly what happened to first lady Laura Bush at Sunday's Kennedy Center Honors, always one of Washington's biggest nights for stars, and glamorous fashion.

With guests in the spotlight at the exclusive White House receptions that go with the ceremony, the designer gowns are always scrutinized.

And on Sunday, four women at the reception wore the exact same $8,500 Oscar de la Renta dress, Mrs. Bush among them.

Letitia Baldridge, Jacqueline Kennedy's chief of staff and White House social secretary, says the gown was beautiful, but oh, what a faux pas!

"They all should have congratulated one another on their good taste and the fact that they could afford the dress. … Jacqueline Kennedy, when she was first lady, made sure, and her couturiers made sure, that nobody else wore that dress that season."

Ann Coulter Move Over, The Washington Clitorial Is Here

As we prepare for the 110th Congress, and the coronation of Nancy (my husband shops for me) Pelosi, as Speakeress of The House it seems appropriate to create a tongue in cheek blog about and for women in Washington politics and the title Washington Rag sheet just seemed to much of a red state title, and we all know, Bush is out (or is that Cheney?) and Hilliary is in, so welcome to, "The Washington Clitorial" where the news and views are hopefully all in the pink.